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“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” 
― Rumi


Healing can happen on many different levels and in some way, we are all here at this time to heal ourselves.



Theta Healing

Many of us are "programmed" from childhood to have thoughts and emotions about worry, fear, scarcity and so on. These beliefs can block us from our true potential. Using the process of Theta Healing we access the Theta state where we change and transform these programs so you are free to live, create and attract from your true capacity, living the life you want.

Sessions are $75 1hr, held in a sacred, confidential space and are non invasive.



Shamanic crystal healing & chakra balance

Harnessing the healing power of crystals and reiki energy the client enters into a relaxed state where true healing can occur. This is a deeply relaxing experience where intuitive insights may arise. The session will

  • Align and balance your Chakras
  • Release what no longer serves you
  • Clear emotional and physical blocks

This will leave you feeling refreshed and centred, clear headed grounded and at peace. 

Sessions are 1hr, $75 and are held in a sacred, safe place. Crystals will be placed on and near the body. 


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pregnancy healing

Dedicated to pregnant mothers at all stages of pregnancy. This is an intuitive healing, specific to the needs of the client. Some key things we work on are; Fear around giving birth and becoming a mother, accessing your intuition, connecting to your baby, releasing anxiety, nervous tension and exhaustion. We can also cover birth preparation, guidance for the birthing process and specific meditations and ancient breathing tecniques to help you move through the birthing energies naturally. We can also cover practical things like how to prepare for your baby's arrival and the things you'll both need. 

Sessions are 1 1/2hr $90 and are held in a safe, nurturing space. Some crystal and plant energy work may take place. It is asked that the client choose a key area to focus on for the session.


post natal healing

This healing session is dedicated for mothers who have recently given birth. The postnatal time is an extremely sensitive time, where the mothers Aura is wide open from the birth experience. This is an intuitive session that will depend on the needs of the client. Some things we may cover;

Healing from birth trauma, realigning the chakras, grounding the mother's energy and  assisting mother child bonding. We can also cover practical baby care information including sleep, feeding, how to conserve your own energy at this time and learn to relax into this new role so much easier. 

Sessions are 1 1/2hr $90 and are held in a safe, nurturing space for mother and baby. Some crystal, plant and energy healing work may take place. It is asked that the client choose a key area to focus on for the session.

This session can also be held as an in home visit - please contact for details



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holistic baby sleep consulting

This is a 2 week private program dedicated to mothers with babies from 6 months of age who are having sleep troubles. This may include; excessive night waking, difficulties getting to sleep & poor day sleep. Here we focus on the sleep of your baby and your self. This is an in depth holistic program where we look into all aspects of you and your baby's environment, daily routines, feeding, emotional well being, temperament and so on. All that may be a contributing factor to your baby's excessive night waking.

Please contact for further details.