I believe in the power of nature..


You know the saying..

that through your hardest times something beautiful can be born?

I have to say that the jump from 2 kids to 3 was it! After my babymoon of no more than 2 weeks rest, I was thrown back into the chaos of everyday life. Juggling 3 kids under 5 with no family support and a partner that works long hours, really tested my limits.

In the midst of all the sleep deprivation, stress, love and exhaustion I combined my knowledge of crystals and healing energy with the power of Essential Oils and began to see massive shifts.

Not only was I able to pull myself out of those “trying” times, I was also able to calm and support my children's emotions. 

Each Aromatherapy spray was originally created by me, for me! Mama Mojo was to help with my sleep deprivation and as an afternoon 'pick me up'. Clear Calm was created to help me snap out of a 'cranky stressed mama mood' quick smart! Quiet Mind was created to assist my mediation practice by helping me switch off and ground my energy at a moments notice (bc who really knows when the syncing of naps will 'actually' happen)

And lastly, the 'Little' range - Again, all were created for my children during those mothering moments when they need a bit of extra support. 


And today, I'm here to share my creations with you. 

To support you and your child’s emotional well being - naturally

Each Aura spray is made using a combination of Essential Oils, Crystals and Healing Energy designed to help shift yours and your child’s mood to a higher, clearer vibration, easily and effortlessly.

A bit about me..aka Spirit Mama


I’m a certified teacher in Pre/Post Natal and Kundalini Yoga and have learnt the art of Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing and Reiki. I am also now a certified Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner.

I’m super passionate about astrology and will unknowingly bring every conversation back to what the planets are doing.

I spent 5 years travelling the world with my love, learning ancient wisdom in the Himalayas, India and South America.

I peacefully birthed 2 out of my 3 babies at home.

Crystals & essential oils, esoteric wisdom, yoga and meditation have changed my entire life.

I believe the children being born today are more spiritually advanced than you or I

And these children need conscious parents, they need parents that are awake and understand them, can support them naturally and help them grow and heal through nature.